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The Company

We know how to develop your project step by step.

The history of CM

Ever since it was created in 1974, CM has increasingly specialised in the production of medium-heavy carpentry and high-precision CN machines for the road construction sector. Currently it has a covered production area of 8,000 square metres and an open-air area of 15,000. It has 70 employees. Since 2017 Contura S.r.l has been the majority of CM, with Gaetano Castiglione as the new President and CEO.

CM today
The new logo

The new logo represents what we are today: a dynamic and innovative company that understands the importance of change within continuity. We have not distanced ourselves from our history; on the contrary we have retained the best from our past in order to grow and expand our horizons with new passion.

People and skills at the heart of things

A Company functions well when the people who work there know how to transform a problem into a resource or into a possibility for development, and who consequently feel part of the result that is obtained.

The workers at CM put their professionalism and passion at the service of the company every day, which is why they feel an integral part of its achievements.

Innovation is born when shared knowledge, preserved and handed down in time, meets the desire to break the mould and create something that did not previously exist. Because we believe in the expertise, experience and mastery of those who have made the company what it is today, our customers know that they are in safe hands.

CM has been renewed, but its team is still the same. By having faith in our workers, and offering development via an ongoing programme of training, we encourage growth and reap the benefits. The results of this approach are reliable and efficient products that meet the requirements of our customers who know that CM will always do its best to offer a complete and personalised service to meet their every need.

The CM team at a glance.

69 employees of whom there are:
20 specialised carpenters, 18 CNC machine operators, 8 assemblers, 2 drivers, 3 warehouse workers, 2 administrative staff, 1 person responsible for quality assurance, 2 methodists, 3 foremen, 2 sales representatives, 3 production and logistics staff, 1 purchasing department, 3 technical office 1 person responsible for IT and management control.

Alessandro Gagliardi

"Pursuing challenging objectives every day in order to satisfy increasingly demanding international customers are the stimuli that have always characterised the work in CM "

Gabriele Liverani
Carpentry foreman

"The spirit of collaboration, and passion for know-how, are the bases of our work and represent daily the common thread that unites the great CM team"

Nicola Camanzi

"The attention that the Company has always paid to growth through the training of its employees has allowed me, over the years, to develop my skills and face new challenges every day"