Our ingenuity at your service


Road Construction and Earth Movement sector

From the initial idea to the finished product, team work is our winning card.

CM quality satisfies the requirements of leading companies in the road construction and earth moving sectors.

Starting from the prototyping, we have always collaborated continuously with the leaders in this sector, sharing constructive technical solutions. We are scrupulously careful to provide absolute quality and we are scrupulous about delivering on time.



The know-how of craftsmen and industrial performance in the packaging and wrapping sector.

Over the last few years we have extended our expertise to the packaging sector, which is so prestigious and state-of-the-art here, that our region is known world-wide as “Packaging Valley”.

We provide interested customers with a turnkey service that starts by obtaining both the raw and/or commercial materials and continues with production of the welded structures, the precision machinng and the complete assembly of the machine right up to testing.


Metalworking Sector

The expertise of our engineers at the service of the metalworking sector.

We offer a complete range of services, from technical consulting to “ad hoc” solutions.

CM can offer consultation services  regarding  the best way of carrying out a job and  the best strategies to use. It also offers the added value of the services of its own engineers. Furthermore it can activate the customers’ consignment stock,  provide free-pass supplies which are ready checked and certified, and make just-in-time consignments, piloted using the kanban system.

CM’s major clients