On March 28th 2018 Mr. Mario Cattani, the previous owner of C.M. S.r.l, sold his residual shares in the company to Contura S.r.l. and to a group of minority shareholders that had already acquired shares in the company in June 2017. The residual shares were divided as follows: 15% to Contura S.r.l., 1% to Multicon S.r.l., and the remaining 1% to G&M S.r.l... With the exit of the Cattani family from the company structure of CM S.r.l., Contura S.r.l., already the majority shareholder, now has 80% of the shares. While thanking Mr. Cattani for his collaboration during the last few months, Gaetano Castiglione, the President and C.E.O. of CM S.r.l. commented: “This last step represents the consolidation of a new style of management, focusing on state-of-the-art technology and the development of new international markets”.